In an interview by Thoi Bao Radio with Mrs. Le Khac Ngoc Quynh

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Summary of Audio Interview

Today, the Voice of Vietnamese Radio has an interview with the three senior members of the Toronto Vietnamese Golf Association (TVGA): Mr. Sam Luong, Mr. Tran Hao and Mr. Do Chau. The Toronto Vietnamese Golf Association was established 5 years ago. The mission of TVGA is to promote the sport to the Vietnamese Community and to let golfers built friendship between each other and for all those that love golf in the Toronto and surrounding areas. The annual fee for membership is $20. VGA tournaments are also held for members with a low fee of $90 including the golf course fee and a golf cart. Golfing equipment is required to play. Depending on your skill and budget, equipment can be purchased between $500 to $5000 and golf shoes from $30 to $500. One of the benefits of playing golf is improved health and relaxation while being out in the beautiful outdoors. TVGA welcomes new members that would like joining. We will let you borrow our equipment to try and you can purchase your own equipment later if you are interested. If there are any questions or concerns, you can contact:

Sam Luong: (416)-616-2129 ext. 225
Tran Hao: (416)-543-7058

or visit the website: