Interview with Chi Kieu My Duyen Part 2

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Summary of Audio Interview

Anh Thuan Hoang from Thoi Bao sits down with Chi Kieu My Duyen. She is SBTN Interviewer for Little Saigon California. Religious communities celebrating Christmas and holidays vibrantly. Chi Kieu My Duyen informs us of the past and upcoming events at venues such as Saint Colombine Church and Phuc Loc Tho as well as the dedication and participation of the Vietnamese community members. There are many issues such as freedom of rights and oppression of religious beliefs in Vietnam that affect the community deeply. There have also been fundraising events for victims of natural of disasters such as floods in Vietnam. Furthermore, California has a strong Vietnamese community with successful young professionals. They are proud of their accomplishments and their willingness to give back to their communities. Chi Kieu My Duyen will be hosting a radio show for her listeners to give back and thank you for their support tonight as well as attending a community concert. She ends off sending us warm wishes for the holidays and hopes to visit Toronto soon.