An Interview with Manh Nguyen and Nghiêm Phú Phúc about

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Summary of Audio Interview

In this interview Mr. Hoang Tuan from Thoi Bao Radio talked to Manh Nguyen, Executive Director of the Vietnamese Association, Toronto (VAT) and Nghiêm Phú Phúc, member of VAT Advisory Board and VSS Project member. VAT received a grant in September 2009 to create a website that provided information on a variety of aspects regarding Vietnamese Culture. The Vietnamese Sea to Sea (VSS) website strives to maintain and preserve the rich Vietnamese Culture so that Vietnamese Canadians will have the opportunity to learn and pass on its traditions and beliefs. The website will have different sections to educate its viewers on Vietnamese music, literature, history, cooking as well as a calendar for upcoming Vietnamese community events for all across Canada. The website will be available in three language including Vietnamese, English, and French. The community can contribute to the success of the website by submitting their own pieces of literature and artwork as well as increasing awareness for the website. This website will illustrate the unity and strength of our community and show the world how proud we are of our heritage. The website will launch at the end of March 2010.