An Interview between the Voice of Vietnam Radio and Bác sĩ Nguyễn Hoành Khôi

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In the interview between the Voice of Vietnam Radio and Bác sĩ Nguyễn Hoành Khôi, a Board of Directors Member at Vietnamese Association, Toronto. Dr. Khoi shared his thoughts on the upcoming Lunar New Year Festival, Asian Community Games, and the young generations of youths in the Vietnamese community. VOA commented that last years’ VAT Lunar New Year Festival Year of the Ox 2009 was very successful and Dr. Khoi said that the Lunar New Year Festival has been an event organized by VAT as a tradition and the Festival would be continued in 2010.

Summary of Audio Interview

VOA pointed out that the there are younger members in the Board of Director Members and VAT staff. Dr. Khoi expressed that VAT would like to succeed in motivating the younger generation to get to know, be involved, and helping the Vietnamese community. He mentions it is important to leave a legacy for younger generations to carry on the tasks of helping the Vietnamese community such as helping older Vietnamese generation to upgrade their English skills, finding new skills that can be utilized for the next 10-20 years. Dr. Khoi talked about an upcoming Asian Community Games taking place on July 17-19, 2009 in the GTA and VAT will be having a soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and ping pong team to take part in this event. This is the first year in which the Vietnamese community is participating on a large scale and hopefully this first year will mark for a step to follow in the coming years.

Right now we have enough participants but VAT is always welcoming and recruiting members to help strengthen our teams, especially the soccer and volleyball, and basketball teams. VAT is also welcoming sponsors and donors for this event. Dr. Khoi completed the interview with his thoughts on health. He mentions we need to take time for exercise and physical sports more often to maintain our overall health.