Interview with Jacob Nguyen Tan Sang

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Summary of Audio Interview

We would like to introduce to you ThoiBao Radio special interview: “The Voice of Love”, about the beautiful singing voice of a Vietnamese Catholic priest named Jacob Nguyen Tan Sang, he is from Vietnam, coming to Canada in his travelling to raise money to help the poor and disabled Vietnamese people to have: basic food; medicine; old clothing, student stationary, eyes operations, wheelchairs ... from the low corner of the far Southern of the "melaleuca" forest like: Dong Thap Muoi, Vinh Long province, to the central areas or the busy city like SaiGon, DaNang ...

A Fundraising Music Night with Rev. JB Nguyen Sang and Khanh Ly, the famous Vietnamese female singer will be organized in Montreal, Canada on: September 04, 2009. For donation, or Music CD order for charitable purpose, please contact:

Rev. JB. Nguyen Sang.
Telephone: 0918.32.33.00 or 0733.935.554.