Interview with Ms. Mai, President of Hoc Mon Senior Home

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Summary of Audio Interview

Thoi Bao interviewed Ms. Mai, President of the Hoc Mon Senior Home The Senior Home was started building in 2003 and opened to public in 2007 with the budget $ 15 million funded by Quebec Government. The Vietnamese community in Montreal worked tirelessly for this project. The Hoc Mon Senior Home lies across a park, close to bus stop, St- Hubert Plaza, church and pagoda with the capacity of 118 seniors and now occupied by 115, half of them are Vietnamese and another half from other parts of the world. They live happily together. Daily activities for seniors inlcude Karaoke singing, watching Vietnamese and Asian movies, table tennis, snooker, Vietnamese chess, Tu Sac (4 colour) playing cards, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, line dance. Quebecers, 55 years of age or older and living independent without personal support, can start to apply for Hoc Mon Senior Home. They only pay $850 a month with 5 meals a day and lots of activities compare with up to $1,500 from others Senior Residences. About the food, the Hoc Mon serves both Canadian and Vietnamese foods that certainly satisfy seniors taste. For more information please visit the website Ms. Mai, President of the Hoc Mon Senior Home, offers her help and experience to Vietnamese Community in others Provinces that intend to build Senior Home for Vietnamese in the future.