Mission, Vision, Goal

Our Mission:

To provide a focal point where Canadians and Canadians of Vietnamese heritage are brought together through a better understanding of Vietnam and Canada.

Our Vision:

To provide an imaginative information hub that is unique, informative, educational and entertaining, reflecting Vietnamese cultural heritage and the diverse and dynamic Canadian society.

Our Goals:

  • To create an easily accessible website.

  • To promote Vietnamese culture to Canadians and others.

  • To provide materials and information about Canada (history, geography, government system, political system, education system, etc.) to help ease the integration of Vietnamese newcomers into Canadian mainstream.

  • To promote the retention of Vietnamese cultural heritage to younger generations of Vietnamese born and growing up in Canada by encouraging them to learn more about Vietnam’s geography, history, customs, food, arts, literature, traditional music, etc.

  • To publicize activities of Vietnamese communities across Canada.

  • To raise a distinctive public profile of successful Vietnamese Canadians coast-to-coast.