Interview between Photography Club of Toronto and Thoi Bao Radio

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Summary of Audio Interview

This interview was between Thoi Bao Radio with Tu from the Photography Club of Toronto. Tu shared some of the basics of photography and some information about the Photography Club. Tu became interested in photography since he was 18 years old. At the time, he used an old camera and had to wait for the film to develop to see results from photos that he took. Now it is the digital age, it is easier to take a photograph and work can be edited right away. Photography is much easier these days than before because technology allows us to do that without wasting a whole roll of film.

The Photography Club of Toronto was formed when Tu wanted to take photography class and find books on photography but it was very difficult. When Tu had written articles about photography for the VietSun magazine, many fans replied that writing about photography is not as practical as forming a photography community to the share skills and knowledge. Later Tu had formed a photography club for those that had passion and have time to exchange, practice, and get expert advice from professionals.

For starters, a regular and simple to use digital camera could be bought for practicing taking shots and not any highly expensive camera is required. The basic components of a professional digital camera cost ranges from $500-$900. The important part is having a good lens as the photographs would develop better.

In the fall, the most beautiful scenery in Toronto is at High Park. If you go to Hamilton, there are many waterfalls as it is called “The City of Waterfalls”, 108 waterfalls to be exact. There should be a main subject when doing photography such as waterfalls because it would make the photographs theme much more beautiful. Algonquin Park and Orangeville are also good places to go to take pictures. Please contact Tu at 416-616-9971 to get involved in the Photography Club and take photos with its members.

The advantage of photography is that it can be relaxing and good for your health to see beautiful scenery. You would also feel proud when your photograph turns out well. The future events of the Photography Club include exhibits and taking photos at the Vietnamese Lunar New Year Festival at the CNE and there is also a gallery at the Festival on display for viewing. Before concluding the interview Tu mentioned that having advanced technology is not as important as being active outside and being there to wait for the right moment to capture that one perfect picture.