Hard Time

By: Đài Trang Nguyễn – Toronto, written in April 1992

As new immigrants, we were looking for freedom.
Canada, the promised land
We wish to come.

Arriving in Canada, we dreamt of
A new life, a better life.
From an empty handed life,
We built up our own life.
From being inexperienced,
We made acquaintance with the new society.
The first thing we found was language difficulty;
Communication became a major problem.

Along with distant cultures,
Everything appeared to be strange.
More than that, cold weather was the terror.
Winter days shook us with cold winds.
With ardor, we overcame all hardship;
Continually striving, we learnt to survive.

But life does not stand still
The Canadian economics is in crisis.
Families and families are turned up-side-down.
We are one of them.
A big shock to us!
What did we expect?
Freedom and peaceful life,
Or fate and hard-time.