A Reflection

By: Dai Trang Nguyen

(Translated by Nguyễn Khắc Phụng from an article written in Vietnamese)


Twenty years is the time long enough for a child to reach adulthood. Myself, it is the time for me to reach maturity. It is also the time with many changes in my life; for example: Knowledge: I came to Canada when I was 16 years old. I went through the last two years of high school before I enrolled in university. In those two years, I had many opportunities to learn about culture and customs of this new country of mine via school's trips to visit theaters and exhibitions. In addition to teaching students with school textbooks, teachers also encourage them to broaden their knowledge by further reading non-textbook materials and hands-on activities. When doing my essays or research, I used to borrow books from the school library or public libraries to find the materials I needed - the internet practically did not exist then. As a result, I learned a lot and my knowledge was significantly improved. Generally speaking, in Canada you can practically find any document and information you want...