Our Beloved Canada

By Trần Trung Lương

(This is a translated version of the original article written in Vietnamese by the author -translated by Ngô Thế Hoành)


In recent years, the United Nations has singled out Canada times and times again as the happiest country to live in the world. Canada ranks ahead of the United States. Canada is great in many aspects. For example in terms of area, Canada is the second largest country after Russia, spanning 5 time zones with 244,880 km of highway and 194,000 km of railways. In terms of natural resources, Canada has vast quantities of oil and gas reserves. In terms of population, Canada has well over 100 ethnic communities living in harmony and unity. In terms of compassion, Canada has opened its door to thousands of oppressed and poor people such as the Scots after the rebellion of 1745, the Irish during the cholera pandemic of 1840, the blacks coming here during the American Civil War through the underground railroad network, the Vietnamese refugees after the event of 1975...